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Service to charitable giving is one of our 4 values, whether it be at a local, provincial, national or international level, and it's not just about how much money Freemasons can contribute, time is just as valuable as cash!

Amadeus Lodge has contributed to numerous local and national charities such as Support Dogs, Roundabout & Sheffield Children's Hospital to name three.

The Province of Derbyshire is currently running the Derbyshire 2025 Festival with the aim of uniting all the Masonic Lodges within Derbyshire to raise the sum of £1.5million by 2025.

At a Provincial level we have supported organisations such as Derbyshire Blood Bikes, Local Food Banks, Tree Tops Hospice as well as organising and hosting an annual Christmas Party for Local Care Leavers.

Monies are collected several different ways, from raffles and collections at Lodge Meetings as well as through sponsored events but a Brother's time is just, if not more, valuable. This can take many forms from giving an hour on a Sunday to help clean a local park or just there time it takes to drive someone to the shops.

Each year Amadeus Lodge chooses a charity to support, in 2023 we will be support local Autism Charities.

Abseiling from the Millersdale Viaduct for the Derbyshire 2025 Festival
Derbyshire 2025 Festival Logo


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